Who is Star Media?

Star Media Enterprises, Inc. is a software and data processing company that is a leading provider of TV ratings research software and TV Ratings Media Data, to the ad-supported television network and media research industry. Established in 1988, the company has grown with a multi-talented staff with decades of experience in developing successful Media Research Reporting Systems and the unique knowledge to process clean and accurate TV ratings and other television media data. Star Media is well established as a leading supplier of reliable TV ratings data and information to the television industry.

Star Media continually develops highly functional, user-friendly software that is used by our clients to generate TV ratings research reports, customized reports, and rating estimates. We strive to deliver the fastest and best media research software solution to clients that rely on TV Ratings Data. Our software is sold as a service, bundled with the processing and delivery of data that clients subscribe to and are authorized to receive by media research data providers.

Star Media processes daily data from Nielsen, Comscore, and VideoAmp. Evaluation systems for ISpot and Vizio/Inscape are also available.

Our flagship product, the StarTrak System, provides reporting capabilities based on industry standard TV ratings. Over the years we have developed a centralized procedure for collecting the various data files on behalf of our clients. Our internal processing system reformats and packages this data into structured data sets that the StarTrak system retrieves and loads into databases at each client’s site. Our process assures that all reprocessing is captured and that our databases are always up to date with clean and accurate ratings data. The databases maintained by StarTrak are also used as a data source for other Star Media modules and systems such as:

  • Custom reports that our Customers design
  • Star Media’s Estimating System: "StarEstimator"
  • Customized Posting Systems: "StarPost System"
  • Exports to Third Party Sales and Stewardship Systems
  • StarTrak WARP Dashboards
  • Numerous Internal Systems at Customer’s sites

StarTrak is used by most of the Ad-Supported television networks that receive national overnight ratings. Our StarTrak System is used by both cable and broadcast networks.

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